More About CTL

The requirements for most associate's and bachelor’s degree programs include general or free electives which can be satisfied by taking courses you choose. Credit hours generated by courses listed in the CTL will satisfy these requirements, up to the credit hour limit set for the particular degree program. For example, a student enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program requiring nine semester hours of electives may select any three, three-credit courses listed in the CTL, from any public campus, to meet this requirement.

Most CTL courses will also count for specific course requirements in degree programs. For example, assume a student is enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program requiring an American History I course. That student can take any course listed in the CTL under American History I, from any public campus, and have that course apply toward meeting the student’s degree requirements, in the same way as the equivalent American History I course on that student’s home campus. Likewise, students planning to transfer can be assured that the American History I course they’ve taken at their current campus will apply in the same way as the American History I course at their new campus.

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana and Vincennes University are only listed once under each course category in the CTL, since all Ivy Tech and VU courses will count in exactly the same way, irrespective of the campus at which the course was taken.

The transferability guarantee of the CTL applies to all courses offered after the effective date of the most current version of the CTL, July 1, 2007. In many cases, this guarantee also applies to courses offered prior to that date. Students, who have taken courses prior to the effective date, should consult an academic advisor. The Transfer Indiana web site ( will provide additional information about transferability of this coursework.

Qualified high school students are eligible to take courses that will count toward meeting both high school diploma and college degree requirements. High school students, who wish to satisfy the Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma requirement calling for dual high school/college courses resulting in six transferable college credits, are encouraged to choose dual credit courses from either the Core Transfer Library (CTL) or from the courses identified by the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI). Courses from both the CTL and ICI maximize transferability of credit for courses and also meet the dual credit requirements necessary for Core 40 with Academic Honors or Technical Honors. If students choose a dual credit course NOT on the CTL or courses identified by ICI, they should directly contact the college they plan to attend to see how that course can be used at that institution.  The CTL transferability guarantee also applies to dual credit courses, thus offering students maximum transfer options.

Indiana’s public colleges and universities developed the CTL in response to legislation passed in 2005. It will be updated on a continual basis.